Our Mission is to provide accessibility of programs, services and resources to "City Youth" which promote academic success, health and nutritional awareness, increased recreational and physical activities and foster sustainable long-term community impact.


All events programs and services must align with one or more of our core principals;  Prevention, Engagement, Education, Employment, Service and/or Support.


Our Goal is to develop long-term, sustainable relationships with our community partners which foster's support and service to the community's youth.

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Since our inception in 2004, we have remained dedicated to the principles of a Grassroots Organizing:


     1:  0% of our leadership team  is compensated for their work


     2:  Local residents and community members fuel the

        organization by taking responsibility for their communities

        and the children of the community.

     3:  We are funded 100% from public contributions and grants.

     4:  Our broad goal are squarely focused on shaping


Spurring change at the local levels.


The Campaign for Accessibility of Recreational and Educational Resources (CARE) involves targeted services to resident youth who reside with-in a three mile radius of the services area. The goal of the campaign is to bring resources to those residents in most need.  100% of funds go directly to the youth services which include tutoring, workshops, seminars, day and summer camp.


While we target these zones all children residing in Wake County are welcomed to benefit from our membership and services.

Zone A

The Boundaries for CARE Zone A are Cross Link Rd. and Garner Rd. . The communities included in this Zone are  Biltmore Hills, Biltmore Village, Cross Link Trace, Crown Crossing, Herndon Village, Hilltop and Schenley.


This Zone represents the largest territoy including 3.31 miles traveling the exterior of this Zone.


Streets Included in this Zone are:


Aaron/ Bunche/ Campanella/ Como/ Cross Link/Crown Crossing/ Dandridge/ Elkhart/ Fitzgerald/ Gilliam/ Hadley/ Herndon Village/ Hilltop/ Kitt/ Laodicea/ Newcombe/ Owens/ Schenley/ Tanner/ Thelonious/ Waters

Zone B

The Boundaries for CARE Zone B are S. State Street, Garner Rd. and Martin Luther King Blvd.  The communities included in this Zone are Rochester Heights, Habitat for Humanity, Peterson Park Apartments, Trail Corner Properties and Brown Birch Apartments.


This Zone represents a territory of 2.95  miles traveling the exterior of the Zone.


Streets Included in this Zone are:


Angelus/ Angus/ Bailey/ Bates/ Boaz/ Calloway/ Carnage/ Charles/Darby/ Garner/ Gregg/ Hadley/ Holmes/ McMakin/ Peterson/ Sawyer/ Shades

Spaulding/ Waller

Zone C

Boundaries for CARE Zone C include Fox Ridge Manor


This Zone represents a 27.46 acre single apartment/townhome community and three anchoring streets.


Street(s) included in this Zone are:


Fox Ridge Manor/ Quartz/ Creech/ Slate

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