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Neighborhood Hub

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September 2019


A New Social Mobility Hub which promotes Education, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Expression in a single space. 


Cultivate.It provides a unique, opportunity in an under-served and underdeveloped neighborhood, for students, residents, non-profits, freelancers, consultants, startup companies, and emerging CEO's a place to call home and foster a kinship through collaboration and capacity building resources.


Simply put our goal is to begin sowing seeds for the next generation of change agents.



Our goal is to promote education, unification and inclusion squarely rooted in the soil we harvest daily and with seeds we sow.

Membership Fees support sustainable, supplementary education programming for minority youth in an attempt to foster education equality and social mobility.

| Continuously... | Cultivate... | Our Community...| 



Our space provides co-working, independent and private work settings.  Whether you are in need of start up administrative support, co-working space, a dedicated desk, private meeting room or launch space, we have something available for you. 


Best of all, it's right here where you call home

(Images are not of actual space will be updating as available)



Begin Cultivating Today!

Twelve month Membership

Starting at $35.00/Month


                           Communal Desk Space                                      Private Meeting Room                                      Workshops

                           2GB Internet Speed                                           Mail Service                                                      Coffee Pot & Tea Kettle

                           Special Event Access                                         Access to Network of

                                                                                                      Innovative Individuals

Sowing Member

3 Month Plan

Limited Access Membership

| 3 month membership |

| $15/month |

| Invitation to Cultivate On Session |

| Facility Rental |



Cultivating Member

12 Month Plan

General Membership Perks Plus (+)

| 24 / 7 Access |

| Dedicated Desk and Storage|

| 9 hrs/ month private conference room |

| Unlimited  Workshops per month |

| Unlimited Cultivate On Education Sessions |

| 1 Free Facility Rental per month |



Blumming Member

12 Month Plan

Business Connect Membership

Mail Service & Business Address

Do you need a professional business address as you begin launching your new venture? We will help you establish roots in the market and handle mail receipt.

| 4 Co-working days per month |

| Discounted special event access pass |

| 1 hr/ month private conference room |

| Facility Rental |



Harvesting Member

12 Month Plan

General Membership Perks Plus (+)

| 12 Co-working days per month |

| 3 hrs/ month private conference room |

| 1  Workshop/Consulation per month |

| Unlimited Cultivate On Education Sessions |

| Facility Rental |





422 Hill Street, Raleigh, NC 27610