City Youth Inc. continues to focus on bridging the gap and ensuring that resources are available to youth in communities we serve. Many of these children do not have the supplementary academic resources in their neighborhoods to foster reinforcement or acceleration.


Providing Math Tutoring and Enrichment to local youth is one of our goals.  We seek to bring some of the area’s most passionate college students and professionals to a community of youth and help foster an understanding and love for Mathematics. Improving our academic participant’s performance is our number one goal.



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We are currently seeking parent/teacher referrals for children in the following grades, to participate in our academic enrichment program for children grades 3rd - 12th:

                                                     Referral Deadline                January 17th, 2020

                                                     Current 3rd Graders

                                                     Current 5th Graders

                                                     Current 7th Grader

                                                     Referral Deadline                April 15th,  2020

                                                     Rising 3rd Graders

                                                     Rising 5th Graders

                                                     Rising 7th Graders

                                                     Rising 9th Graders


Education Attainment

The percentage of adults 25 years and older in the community who do not have a high school diploma or equivalency for the three census tracts represented by our targeted zones are; 74% and %82

  • The rate in Wake County is 92.7%

Minority Student Proficiency

Percentage of student scoring a 3 or  below on standardized EOG testing.

Economically Disadvantaged = 78%

Homeless = 89%

Hispanic & African American = 77%

Source: NCDPI Report Card

Poverty Rate

The Median Household Incomes for the three census tracts in our targeted zones are $21,504 and $39,200.




  • About one-third of the amount in Wake County: $76,956

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