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e won't make it alone

We can not achieve our goal alone, as such there is an important link between the community stewardship and corporate responsibility. Our success depends heavily on strategic collaborations with local, regional and national partners as well as individual donors.


City Youth Inc is funded by generous donations and contributions from individuals, corporations and endowments. Your support allows us to pursue our grass roots mission and impact the lives of our youngest and most promising class of individuals, our youth.


For more information on how you can support please contact us.  We have partnered with the following companies and organization and are always seeking new and innovative partnerships. 

Corporate Partners

Local and National corporations share our core principles of investing in the future's of our youth and they are committed to working collaboratively to ensure our participants have resource equality.


Corporate Donors

Community & Non-Profit Partners

Local efforts and impact are vital. We take pride in developing agency partnerships to ensure all young people thrive and are provided an array of resources which support their individual needs.


Resource & Programming Collaboratives


Individual donors assist in increasing the number of children who have access to our resources at low or no cost to families removing financial barrier associated with receiving the most fundamental resources, what we call our 5 promises.

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